Whether they are standard #10 envelopes to deep-pocket envelopes, these envelopes will get your mail to the right place.


It is required that there be 1/16” overbleed and color wrap onto the back of the envelope to allow for movement throughout the bindery process. It is normal for the artwork on the finished envelopes to vary slightly from one piece to another because of movement during the run and could vary up to 1/8”. As a result of the intensive bindery processes, die cutting, scoring, folding and gluing (ie. converting), the color wrap and overbleed may not be even on all sides. To produce envelopes at the highest quality possible, artwork that has bleed on the face or print on any flap is required to be placed on a Certified Smart Envelope Template. This will ensure that the artwork layout is aligned the way it is intended to print and be converted.


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